INDUSTRIES (pvt.) Limited
  Product Range  
Product Range
The range of product we are serving in:
Manufacturing and erection of all sorts of industrial plants
Manufacturing & erection of all types of steel fabrication towers including civil and electrical works.
Fabrications & erection of all types of storage tanks and canopies.
Fabrication & erection of chemical plants, paper production plants, oil & gas related plants, dairy plants and all processing plants.
Manufacturing & fabrication of mild steel, Ammunition containers of all types, mild steel plane and epoxy coated drums of 40-45 gallons & 210 liters, mild steel 4.5 gallons jerry Cans, meter box of various dimensions.
Manufacturing & fabrication & erection of all sorts of Stainless steel works related to food industry.
Designing, Manufacturing and Supply of batching plant, floating pipe structure, floating conveyor etc, Mangla Dam of raising project.
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